Moshi Teruko

Moshi Shugenja.



Earth – 2
Air – 3
Water – 2
Fire – 3
Void – 2


Acting 1
Calligraphy 1 (Cipher)
Courtier 1
Divination 1
Etiquette 1
Meditation 1
Sincerity 1
Spellcraft 2
Defense 2
Temptation 2
Lore: Shugenja 1
Lore: Theology 1


Dangerous Beauty
Benten’s Blessing
Precise Memory
Magic Resistance 1


Bitter Betrothal
Lost Love


Moshi Shugenja School
School Ability – Favor of the Sun


Tempest of Air
Benten’s Touch
Wolf’s Proposal
Envious Flames
Tail of the Fire Dragon
Mental Quickness


Teruko’s talents did not lean only toward fire, but also toward air, which made her a fine companion for courtiers looking for an edge in their dealings. She happened to find herself more than a fine companion in Yoritomo Hirota, an especially charming rising star in the Mantis courts. Luckily enough, both families were pleased with the idea of a wedding, but fortune was fickle, and Hirota ended up on the bottom of the sea the autum before the wedding. Both families were shocked and saddened, but it was ultimately decided that Teruko would wed her fiance’s little brother, the new heir to his family, Yoritomo Kazuo. Where Hirota shone, Kazuo… well… Enough koku could make up for many, many lacking qualities, at least as far as her family was concerned.

Teruko is set to marry Kazuo after a period of mourning, but has spent the rapidly waning time until then throwing herself into ‘diversions’ that never seem to fill the void that Hirota left. She’s unsure if she’s been chosen to leave because of her hijinx, but she’s more than glad for the distance between herself and Kazuo.

Moshi Teruko

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