The Emerald Magistrates

Session Five: The Great Unveiling

The following morning the samurai slept to their hearts content, with only Moshi Teruko being woken up for some much needed healing. Eventually they all headed to the court of Daimyo Doji Kari. When they arrived most of the magistrates immediately began to mingle, trying to ascertain info about the current political situation. Instead of doing anything related to words, Hida Sadaharu decided to try and drink all the sake in the room.
Eventually it got out that the group had found a [[:mysterious-scroll while rescuing the Shaiga women from the bandits. Two shugenja, scorpion and pheonix, attempted to gain more info on it from Teruko, but she held her ground quite well.
Seeing that Sadaharu was not enjoying the party very much, one mantis man invited him to a local sake bar, an invitation Sadaharu gladly accepted. While there the mantis tried his best to bring Sadaharu over to his side.
When the court began winding down Akodo Mokusei and Sadaharu decided it was time to turn in for the night. Teruko, on the other hand, decided to relieve some stress by hitting the sake house. There she interacted with Bayushi Bob, who, almost literally, swept her off her feet. Though she was very drunk, he did not take advantage of her.
The next day, the magistrates spent most of the day wandering around town. Teruko tried to further her understanding of surveying while Mokusei had an interesting conversation with a cute phoenix shugenja, Asako Yumi. That night Teruko decided she enjoyed Bayushi Bob’s company and found him again in the sake house. After a fair amount of flirting Teruko decided to go back to his room.
The next morning Mokusei and Sadaharu were woken by a servant of Kari who escorted them to a waiting room. Teruko was woken up by Bayushi Bob with just enough time to barely get ready and head to the Daimyo’s estate.
When all three had arrived they were told that there were more samurai than expected and that three rooms had been prepared for the unveiling. Each samurai would have to handle a different room. All three told their respective audiences that they did not know where the border lay. Naturally most of the samurai in attendance were upset. Mokusei did their best to repair the situation, but it did not help much. Teruko and Sadaharu decided to go back to the border to determine if they could glean any more info.
The next morning Teruko and Sadaharu set out to find more info. While they were doing that Mokusei received a scroll for Teruko. Teruko and Sadaharu were unable to find any more info about the borders location and decided to return to The City of Bridges. There Mokusei gave Teruko the scroll from the messanger. It informed her that the date for her wedding to Yoritomo Kazuo had been set, and it was in about a week and a half. Then another emerald magistrate arrived and after hearing of the groups exploits informed them that they were all to accompany Teruko to her wedding.

Session Four: Surveying the Land

The samurai were woken up by servants of Daimyo Renyo and informed that that day would be a good day to survey the border. The magistrates agreed and began their departure preparations. The servants reminded the PCs to keep an eye out for bandits, they had kidnapped a few peasants. In addition once the samurai had finished, they were to head to the City of Bridges. The samurai began on their way and it took them quite a while to reach the border, but once they arrived they began the process immediately.

While they were surveying they encountered some upset crane samurai who claimed that the magistrates were not suited for the job. A battle ensued and the crane were defeated readily, though Akodo Mokusei was disheartened by the accidental death of one of the crane at his hands. After the battle the samurai continued surveying.

By the time the group had finished the process they realized they had no clue where the border lied, and thus could not make a decision about the lands in question. Right as they were about to head to the City of Bridges the magistrates noticed footprints in the snow that indicated someone or something was being dragged. The samurai decided to follow it in hopes that they would find the bandits and perhaps rescue any prisoners.

The footprints were followed to a tunnel leading into a hillside. After Moshi Teruko summoned a kami to light their way the samurai ventured into a tunnel. As they went deeper and deeper they noticed that veins of gold were visible in the walls. Eventually they reached a room with three bandits around a campfire. Though they attempted to negotiate the bandit’s surrender the samurai were forced to attack. Though Moshi Teruko was greatly injured, the samurai were able to defeat the bandits.

Since the kidnapped peasants were no where to be seen the samurai decided to send Hida Sadaharu to scout out the rest of the cave. After more winding passage ways he reached another room. Two peasant women were bound and gagged in the corner while a bandit stood in front of a solitary bookshelf, reading a scroll. When Hida Sadaharu attempted to intimidate the bandit into submission, the bandit attacked him, a strange look in his eyes. The bandit was no match for the might of the Hida and went down quickly, just as Akodo Mokusei joined the fray.

The group untied the women while Moshi Teruko looked over the scroll the bandit was previously reading. While the overall message was very complex Teruko was able to ascertain that the scroll was one of a kind and was about the celestial wheel. The two women, after calming down a bit, informed the samurai that they could make it back to Shaiga on their won. The samurai consented, and spent the rest of the day traveling to The City of Bridges. There they were met by a servant of Daimyo Kari who led them to their quarters at the daimyo’s estate.

On the way she informed them that they are to keep the border results secret until a few days from now, as the daimyo wants to make a spectacle of the results. In addition the samurai are cordially invited to Daimyo Kari’s court the next day. Upon being shown to their rooms all three samurai go to bed in preparation for the next day.

Session Three: A Dinner at the Daimyo's

The PCs had just made it to the City of Lies with two peasants in tow. By talking to a shopkeeper they managed to find the location of the peasant’s caravan leader, Daidoji Kanji. After convincing him to join the magistrates at a local tea house the magistrates explained what had happened to them on the road. Despite the story, Kanji denied that it had been his man who attacked Hida Sadaharu. When Kanji heard of the emerald magistrates duties he offered them some rations to help with their travels giving two to both Sadaharu and Mokusei, but only one to Teruko.

After finding a guide to lead them to Shaiga the group set on their way. The journey took two days as the blizzard started to fall, and the journey was quite uneventful.

Once the magistrates reached Shaiga they decided, instead of going to sleep, to hit the local tavern. Teruko and Mokusei managed to leave at a reasonable hour while Sadaharu decided to drink himself asleep at the bar. The three woke up in their rooms to a knock at the door. At the door was a servant of the daimyo Tsuruchi Renyo who gave them a scroll. Teruko and Mokusei were barely awake to receive it. All three samurai went back to bed afterwards. Sadaharu managed to wake up in time to get ready and gather his companions for the dinner. Teruko barely managed to get ready, while Mokusei clearly was unprepared for any social encounter, much less one with a daimyo.

The three were led into a dining room were they were seated at a table. At the head of the table to was the daimyo of Shaiga Tsuruchi Renyo. On the opposite side was a crane, Doji Kari. Everyone was served a wonderful lunch and much conversation took place. By the end of the lunch Kari left feeling that the emerald magistrates favored Renyo over herself at the dinner, and was understandably upset, though her training would not allow her to openly show it.

The rest of the day was spent in leisure by the magistrates as Teruko sent off a gift to Doji Kari and attempted to study the “science” of surveying more, Mokusei meditated, and Sadaharu played with his monkey.

Session Two: A Change in Destinations

When Mirumoto’s Horse died to the cold he could no longer keep up with the group and was left behind. At the beginning of day 6 Akodo Mokusei used the advice given by the snow spirit to find a heading towards Shaiga. The samurai spent the day traveling and when night fell decided to make camp.

That night while Akodo Mokusei was watching the camp the horses were attacked by a pair of wolves. They managed to kill one of the horses before the rest of the samurai woke. In the battle Akodo Mokusei was hurt quite badly by the wolves, who were eventually killed by the combined efforts of Hida Sadaharu and Moshi Teruko. Using some quick thinking and the help of the kami, Moshi Teruko managed to bandage up Akodo Mokusei to the point where he could continue to travel.

The next morning Moshi Teruko gave the dead horse to the fire spirits in hopes of finding a close by human settlement. Her prayers were answered and the fire spirit lead the samurai to an abandoned camp. The group decided to commune with another fire spirit in order to follow the people who had abandoned the camp. By choosing not to stop for camp the PCs managed to catch up with the travelers who were lost peasants. They were invited to join the peasants camp, and the samurai took the invitation.

That night during Hida Sadaharu’s watch, he was unexpectedly stabbed in the back with a knife. The attacker was a man clad in a deep black color. Hida Sadaharu woke up his companions and they fought the attacker who after sustaining heavy wounds managed to retreat into the darkness. The samurai wasted no time, and immediately questioned the remaining two peasants. The two peasants explained that they were apart of a caravan who was transporting rice to the Scorpion City of Lies. When the blizzard hit they lost track of the caravan and became lost. When the samurai found them they were attempting to make it to the City of Lies on their own.

The PCs decided to spare the two peasants and elected to take them to their destination. At the end of two days of travel the group has managed to make it to the City of Lies.

Session One: Will of the Emerald Throne

Each of the PCs daimyos recieved a letter from Utaku Ji-Yun requesting them to send one of their samurai to her estate to join the emerald magistrates. Each PC set out immediately for Toshi Ranbo, arriving at different times.

Once they all arrived they met with The Emerald Champion. She explained that they were going to be sent to the crane border between Shaiga and The City of Bridges. There they are to survey the land to find where the border actually lies, in order to resolve a dispute between the Crane and Mantis.

They’re first day of travel took them to Crossroads Castle where they stayed at a barracks. The second day took them to the entrance of Shamate Pass. The PCs decided to tackle the pass the next day. Upon doing so they felt like someone was watching them. By the end of the day they had made it to the scorpion lands where they discovered a great blizzard had just began.

The PCs decided to tackle the blizzard the next day with Mirumoto Takada leading the way. During the night of day 5 Hida Sadaharu’s horse froze to death. It is now the beginning of day 6 and the PCs have communed with a snow spirit in order to find a heading.


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