The Emerald Magistrates

Session Four: Surveying the Land

The samurai were woken up by servants of Daimyo Renyo and informed that that day would be a good day to survey the border. The magistrates agreed and began their departure preparations. The servants reminded the PCs to keep an eye out for bandits, they had kidnapped a few peasants. In addition once the samurai had finished, they were to head to the City of Bridges. The samurai began on their way and it took them quite a while to reach the border, but once they arrived they began the process immediately.

While they were surveying they encountered some upset crane samurai who claimed that the magistrates were not suited for the job. A battle ensued and the crane were defeated readily, though Akodo Mokusei was disheartened by the accidental death of one of the crane at his hands. After the battle the samurai continued surveying.

By the time the group had finished the process they realized they had no clue where the border lied, and thus could not make a decision about the lands in question. Right as they were about to head to the City of Bridges the magistrates noticed footprints in the snow that indicated someone or something was being dragged. The samurai decided to follow it in hopes that they would find the bandits and perhaps rescue any prisoners.

The footprints were followed to a tunnel leading into a hillside. After Moshi Teruko summoned a kami to light their way the samurai ventured into a tunnel. As they went deeper and deeper they noticed that veins of gold were visible in the walls. Eventually they reached a room with three bandits around a campfire. Though they attempted to negotiate the bandit’s surrender the samurai were forced to attack. Though Moshi Teruko was greatly injured, the samurai were able to defeat the bandits.

Since the kidnapped peasants were no where to be seen the samurai decided to send Hida Sadaharu to scout out the rest of the cave. After more winding passage ways he reached another room. Two peasant women were bound and gagged in the corner while a bandit stood in front of a solitary bookshelf, reading a scroll. When Hida Sadaharu attempted to intimidate the bandit into submission, the bandit attacked him, a strange look in his eyes. The bandit was no match for the might of the Hida and went down quickly, just as Akodo Mokusei joined the fray.

The group untied the women while Moshi Teruko looked over the scroll the bandit was previously reading. While the overall message was very complex Teruko was able to ascertain that the scroll was one of a kind and was about the celestial wheel. The two women, after calming down a bit, informed the samurai that they could make it back to Shaiga on their won. The samurai consented, and spent the rest of the day traveling to The City of Bridges. There they were met by a servant of Daimyo Kari who led them to their quarters at the daimyo’s estate.

On the way she informed them that they are to keep the border results secret until a few days from now, as the daimyo wants to make a spectacle of the results. In addition the samurai are cordially invited to Daimyo Kari’s court the next day. Upon being shown to their rooms all three samurai go to bed in preparation for the next day.



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