The Emerald Magistrates

Session One: Will of the Emerald Throne

Each of the PCs daimyos recieved a letter from Utaku Ji-Yun requesting them to send one of their samurai to her estate to join the emerald magistrates. Each PC set out immediately for Toshi Ranbo, arriving at different times.

Once they all arrived they met with The Emerald Champion. She explained that they were going to be sent to the crane border between Shaiga and The City of Bridges. There they are to survey the land to find where the border actually lies, in order to resolve a dispute between the Crane and Mantis.

They’re first day of travel took them to Crossroads Castle where they stayed at a barracks. The second day took them to the entrance of Shamate Pass. The PCs decided to tackle the pass the next day. Upon doing so they felt like someone was watching them. By the end of the day they had made it to the scorpion lands where they discovered a great blizzard had just began.

The PCs decided to tackle the blizzard the next day with Mirumoto Takada leading the way. During the night of day 5 Hida Sadaharu’s horse froze to death. It is now the beginning of day 6 and the PCs have communed with a snow spirit in order to find a heading.



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