The Emerald Magistrates

Session Three: A Dinner at the Daimyo's

The PCs had just made it to the City of Lies with two peasants in tow. By talking to a shopkeeper they managed to find the location of the peasant’s caravan leader, Daidoji Kanji. After convincing him to join the magistrates at a local tea house the magistrates explained what had happened to them on the road. Despite the story, Kanji denied that it had been his man who attacked Hida Sadaharu. When Kanji heard of the emerald magistrates duties he offered them some rations to help with their travels giving two to both Sadaharu and Mokusei, but only one to Teruko.

After finding a guide to lead them to Shaiga the group set on their way. The journey took two days as the blizzard started to fall, and the journey was quite uneventful.

Once the magistrates reached Shaiga they decided, instead of going to sleep, to hit the local tavern. Teruko and Mokusei managed to leave at a reasonable hour while Sadaharu decided to drink himself asleep at the bar. The three woke up in their rooms to a knock at the door. At the door was a servant of the daimyo Tsuruchi Renyo who gave them a scroll. Teruko and Mokusei were barely awake to receive it. All three samurai went back to bed afterwards. Sadaharu managed to wake up in time to get ready and gather his companions for the dinner. Teruko barely managed to get ready, while Mokusei clearly was unprepared for any social encounter, much less one with a daimyo.

The three were led into a dining room were they were seated at a table. At the head of the table to was the daimyo of Shaiga Tsuruchi Renyo. On the opposite side was a crane, Doji Kari. Everyone was served a wonderful lunch and much conversation took place. By the end of the lunch Kari left feeling that the emerald magistrates favored Renyo over herself at the dinner, and was understandably upset, though her training would not allow her to openly show it.

The rest of the day was spent in leisure by the magistrates as Teruko sent off a gift to Doji Kari and attempted to study the “science” of surveying more, Mokusei meditated, and Sadaharu played with his monkey.



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