The Emerald Magistrates

Session Two: A Change in Destinations

When Mirumoto’s Horse died to the cold he could no longer keep up with the group and was left behind. At the beginning of day 6 Akodo Mokusei used the advice given by the snow spirit to find a heading towards Shaiga. The samurai spent the day traveling and when night fell decided to make camp.

That night while Akodo Mokusei was watching the camp the horses were attacked by a pair of wolves. They managed to kill one of the horses before the rest of the samurai woke. In the battle Akodo Mokusei was hurt quite badly by the wolves, who were eventually killed by the combined efforts of Hida Sadaharu and Moshi Teruko. Using some quick thinking and the help of the kami, Moshi Teruko managed to bandage up Akodo Mokusei to the point where he could continue to travel.

The next morning Moshi Teruko gave the dead horse to the fire spirits in hopes of finding a close by human settlement. Her prayers were answered and the fire spirit lead the samurai to an abandoned camp. The group decided to commune with another fire spirit in order to follow the people who had abandoned the camp. By choosing not to stop for camp the PCs managed to catch up with the travelers who were lost peasants. They were invited to join the peasants camp, and the samurai took the invitation.

That night during Hida Sadaharu’s watch, he was unexpectedly stabbed in the back with a knife. The attacker was a man clad in a deep black color. Hida Sadaharu woke up his companions and they fought the attacker who after sustaining heavy wounds managed to retreat into the darkness. The samurai wasted no time, and immediately questioned the remaining two peasants. The two peasants explained that they were apart of a caravan who was transporting rice to the Scorpion City of Lies. When the blizzard hit they lost track of the caravan and became lost. When the samurai found them they were attempting to make it to the City of Lies on their own.

The PCs decided to spare the two peasants and elected to take them to their destination. At the end of two days of travel the group has managed to make it to the City of Lies.



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